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Whatcha Drinkin:

Founders All Day IPA
ABV: 4.7%
Style: American IPA

When looking at beers for the summer months IPAs are a hard kind to beat. Founders All Day IPA certainly lives up to its name with the low abv making it ideal for summer activities with your friends and loved ones. This beer was created as something for the folks at Founders Brewing to be able to literally drink all day on those long hot dog days of summer (though this is available all year round).

The flavors are complex, but nothing too overwhelming. Using a concoction of Malts, Oats, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops this is something light enough for even your most die-hard Bud Light drinking friends to enjoy.

It is not however a taste that everyone will like. To compare it to my last reviewed beer (Sam Adams New England IPA) I would have to say I prefer it’s taste over Founders simply for the fact that there is much less bitterness from the hops versus flavor. The Citra hops that Sam Adams uses makes their IPA have more of a juice flavor which in my opinion and tastes is more of a summer flavor I prefer to drink.

That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it, but it is fair warning that it may not be in everyone’s wheel house in the taste/flavor department. Also I don’t mean to say that it’s bitterness is something like you find in a double or triple IPA. Some of those can be almost paint strippingly harsh, but I can assure you that this beer is nowhere near that potent in terms of hops or bitterness.

In terms of pricing I will say that I was torn between Founders and Sam Adams other offering of Sam’s 76. However Sam’s 76 is available in either 6 or 12 packs and for the same price Founders All Day IPA is available in a 15 pack for the same price. That’s a tough point to beat. I will be trying Sam’s 76 for a future review so keep your eyes peeled for that and I will do a review for New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger line of beers as well.

Aural Fixation: Mansionair

It began in 2014 when singer Jack Froggatt, accepted an invitation to top-line a suite of production beats by producer/guitarist Lachlan Bostock and drummer/producer Alex Nicholls. ‘Hold Me Down,’ a mélange of ethereal falsetto and ambient-synth-pop brought together the individual talents of each musician and solidified the formation of the band now known as Mansionair.

To be fair there isn’t a whole lot of selection from the band, but what songs they have sound great. What songs are available are great ambient tunes. Astronaut(Something About Your Love) is a personal favorite. Easier has a definite sultry rhythm with melancholy (yet a bit hopeful) lyrics. Violet City is the current single with a lot of mainstream exposure and what got me interested.

The videos themselves reflect the bands sound. Minimal but meaningful. There is no doubt the trio are all tried & true musicians. The sound, visuals, and lyrics do have the feel of thought out branding. It isn’t a bad thing, but it is a trap artists eventually find themselves in upon successive releases. Though I hope for their sake (and my own) they continue to evolve musically so I can add to my future playlists.
Until we find out I suggest we sit back, relax and enjoy.