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What Turns Us On


Angela & I discuss the various things that turn us on…surprisingly Andre the Giant comes up in conversation. Maybe it’s noses, or hands, or bald women.

Also Burt makes another appearance in the background wandering around shaking his cone due to getting fixed.

What turns you on?


Booty Calls


When do booty calls become Friends with Benefits? As we get older does the booty call window change? How men and women catch feelings differently. Plus, why are we talking about angela’s booty and Brittany’s grandparent’s place? 

We are joined by Guest Host Brittany & our friend Jay. 



Opposites Attract


Angela & I discuss our feelings about opposites attract in this BONUS conversation. Do opposites attract? Are opposites more attractive to you? Let us know how you feel about opposites and attraction.


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Intro to Polyamory


We discuss what polyamory is and some varieties of it and what polyamory is not. Poly can take many various forms as you will hear. Is it right for you? Or is it something you have heard about but weren’t quite sure what it meant exactly. we also discuss what a metamour is.

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She is a sexually adventurous, married ethical slut. He is a sexually humorous, irritable dirt bag. She is a swinger. He is a prude. A unique polyamorous couple who enjoy conversations about sex, life, and living a life less ordinary.

They are joined by an eclectic roster of guest hosts that live life outside the lines. Each guest host brings their thoughts, humor & opinions to the table.

What is Pretty Privilege?


What is pretty privilege? Why do some people get treated differently than others? How can two people post the same things online and get completely different responses? Why do I keep asking so many questions?

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