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Fit B**ch in Progress: Weight Loss Competition Update


Update on my standings in my work’s weight loss competition. I have gone through a lot of issues lately which have lead to a plateau, but I have a plan to try and push through to win a spot on the top 3 winners. I talk about my battle with SAD and how it has held me back with my goals.

Clean Eating 101


What does it mean to eat “clean”?

Clean eating is essentially eating foods that are not processed. Food processing is any deliberate change in a food that occurs before it’s available for us to eat. The processed foods that I am talking about is really anything that comes in a box or bag with preservatives to keep it edible for a long period of time. These are foods that, when you look at the ingredients list, have ingredients that can’t even be pronounced. Only scientists know what the ingredients actually are. I know that we cannot get away from processed foods altogether, but you can definitely cut them out most of the time. This can be accomplished by just taking the time to make the items you liked that were processed.

I am not saying that I am perfect and don’t eat anything processed. I will say that I eat mostly unprocessed food. The processed food that I do consume has a lot of good ingredients and I trust that I am not consuming a bunch of high fructose corn syrup, sugars, sodium, etc. Our society is a very “on the go” society. We don’t want to take the time to prepare meals. We want everything to be grab and go. I was part of this mindset for a long time. I would just say I was too busy and didn’t care what the ingredients were.

I know that if I eat a ton of bad foods, my MS will let me know really quick. If I eat clean and fresh foods, I feel great. Since I started eating cleaner last month along with exercise, I have slimmed down really fast. My diet has consisted of mostly lean proteins (chicken, lean beef, fish, nuts), fresh or frozen vegetables, and fresh or frozen fruit. I also have been drinking a ton of water. I try to limit myself to water, tea, or black coffee. Every once in awhile I will drink coffee with very little cream. If you want to put cream in your coffee, try to get an almond milk cream or use something unsweetened.

The time factor is what keeps most people from the whole clean eating business. People are busy and have to work, take care of their kids, workout, etc, etc, etc…. Who has time to cook these days?? Well the answer isn’t great, but you have to make the time. You can meal prep for the week and have everything ready and waiting for you to just grab and reheat when you need it. You take one day and make everything up and then it is ready to go for you later. This helps with controlling your eating habits extremely well. If you know you have these healthy foods that you prepared and can just reheat, then you won’t hit that drive-thru or throw a frozen pizza in (well unless you made that frozen pizza yourself). Meal Prepping is an awesome way to control what ingredients are in your food too. You know exactly what you’re consuming because you made it. Some people also use those meal services that advertise fresh ingredients. I know that can help with not having to go to the store and buy everything, which can be time consuming. I can’t really afford that service, but I do hear good things about them.

If you are unsure how to prepare fresh foods, just get on pinterest or google and look it up. When I first started eating fresh foods, I had no idea how to even prepare them. I had to learn what eating clean even meant. I had to learn how to even cut stuff up and how to cook them. I was used to having everything boxed or frozen with the instructions on it. In this day and age we are lucky to have the internet at our fingertips so we can just look up what we need to know. Take advantage of that. Use that knowledge and then make the time to take care of yourself by eating clean fresh foods.

I dreaded eating cleanly because I thought it wouldn’t be good. I will have to choke down these terribly bland meals. I was totally wrong! I have found really delicious AND clean meals. Most of the meals I eat don’t even taste like clean meals. Because of this, my daughters will even eat a lot of what I make. That part is the best part, because I know my kids are eating the things they need to be healthy while they’re still growing.

My motivation for this blog is really is to get the fact that eating a lot of processed foods is like putting a bunch of foreign products into your body. Your body doesn’t know what to do with them so it’s like a gigantic science experiment. I feel like if we as a society get rid of a lot of processed foods, then we wouldn’t have most of the cancers, autoimmune diseases, mental disorders, etc. Diet is a huge factor in all of these. What we put into our bodies affects how it operates. If you put diesel into a car that doesn’t run on diesel, it will not run. Think of your body as a machine. It needs the right fuel. If you don’t put the right fuel in, then don’t be surprised if it doesn’t run properly.

Peace Out!


The Reason for my Fitness Journey: Controlling my MS


When I was 21, I woke up one day with my vision all screwed up. I thought my glasses were bent and I realized quickly that it was my eyes that were messed up. As the day progressed, my vision would slowly go back to normal. I consulted an eye doctor who ran some vision tests and couldn’t find any issues. So they recommended I get an MRI and even blood tests to check for diabetes. Diabetes runs in my family and I was pretty overweight at the time. I had the MRI and blood tests on the same day. I had to fast for the blood tests. The MRI was first and by the time I got to the blood tests, I was super hangry. I am sitting in the chair getting blood drawn at my doctor’s office. In comes the doctor who says to the nurse “Don’t let her leave. We have to talk to her about the MRI test results.” I am like seriously? I am so hungry!! My mother was there with me and I told her that it was probably a brain tumor and they will have to remove it because it was compressing my eyeballs. She wasn’t extremely amused by my humor. After they sucked the life out of me, we were lead to an exam room to wait for hours on the doctor while wasting away to nothing, because I hadn’t eaten yet and it was around 2 pm. The doctor came in and showed us the MRI scans. They told us that he thought that the lesions on the white matter in my brain were active as well as old Multiple Sclerosis lesions. This would be causing my vision to be screwed up. The next step was to admit me into the hospital and run other tests which included a spinal tap and putting me on steroids to control the exacerbation. So at this point my mother is crying and I am just like can we get food before we have to go to the hospital? I literally only wanted food at this point and could care less that I was just given this scary diagnosis. They told us it would take a couple hours for the hospital to be ready for us. As we leave to find sustenance, I looked at my mother who was still crying and told her “Well at least it wasn’t a brain tumor right?” She was still not amused by the morbid humor. I spent a week in the hospital getting tests and prednisone to control my symptoms. I went into a deep depression after that. I did do a ton of research though. I was given injections that made me feel sick every other day with these hideous injection site marks. They were big round and red circles. I still have a bit of a scar on my stomach. I decided that something had to give.

I was tired of feeling like shit all the time.

When I was diagnosed, I was told that some of the lesions were probably from about 4 years before. I read that marijuana high in CBD was really good for controlling MS symptoms. It has been shown to help with managing symptoms like:  improving spasticity, chronic pain of extremities, tremors, emotional dysfunctions, fatigue, double vision, bowel and bladder dysfunctions, dysfunctions of walking and balance and memory loss. It hit me that I had actually just quit smoking it on a daily basis because my job didn’t allow it. I realized that I was actually self medicating the entire time and the minute I stopped, my body freaked out. I actually had to stop taking the injections anyway due to getting pregnant. I decided not to start them again.

In my research, I read that diet and exercise were also huge factors in controlling MS symptoms. Some of the best diets to follow are: Paleo, Mediterranean Diet, Gluten Free Diet, and Swank Diet. Almost all the diets recommend avoiding highly processed food, foods with high glycemic index and food that is high in saturated fat. Most of the diets also recommend reducing consumption of fatty red meat and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables. They are all based on eating fresh food and nothing that’s boxed.

My work gave us a personal trainer and a nutritionist really cheap to promote health and wellness, because we worked in a call center. We sat down the whole time we worked and the insurance company was offering lower rates if we participated. So I started working on losing weight after I had my first daughter. I lost over 100 pounds even with my work laying us off and I had to continue my weight loss journey without the personal trainer and nutritionist. Jillian Michaels became my new trainer. Doing her videos really helped keep me on track.

I decided to try the Paleo Diet. It really did help me lose weight, but it was really expensive to keep going. I did eventually switch to just eating fresher foods and and lean meats. I have tried many different diets. I have found that low carb diets work better for me. Foods that aren’t processed and low in carbs work really well for my system. Highly processed foods make my body feel really crappy. If I start eating really badly, my body will instantly let me know. Most of the time I get pain in my ribs.

I do not regret getting this diagnosis because it told me that I have to change my ways. If I didn’t take care of my body then it was going to make my life hell. Not too long after my diagnosis, my mother started having health issues as well. She chose not to heed the advice of her doctors. My mother was not going to give up the bad food and drinking only Pepsi all day. My mother’s health continued to decline and I didn’t want that for myself. My mother passed away at 56. I don’t want to be like her. I want to live my healthiest life and live as long as possible.

There is no real cause or cure for MS. There are only ways to control it. Here lately I have met several people who have it. I had not met very many who had it until this year. I am not sure if that means that it is something more and more people are getting diagnosed with or if I just happen to meet more people with it all of a sudden. I am hoping it is the latter. I am lucky that mine isn’t aggressive and I am able to live a very normal life.

If you would like to learn more about MS or think you might have it, just google Multiple Sclerosis and you will find many great resources. If you think you may have it, definitely get with your doctor. Don’t ignore your body if it is trying to give you signs. My huge sign before the eyesight issues was extreme fatigue all the time. I can now tell you if it is raining before looking out the window. Rain has a huge impact on my energy levels.

Do you or anyone you know have MS? What lead to your diagnosis? Comment below and let me know!


Month of August Results


8.6 lbs and 6.3 inches lost!!

I will start out by saying that I am super proud of myself! I lost the most inches in my belly which you can clearly see in the picture. That is the area that I really wanted to lose the weight in. I did that in a month with mostly clean eating and exercising. All of my clothes fit really well. I worked out today in a shirt that used to be tight on me and is now really loose. I had a couple slip ups around my birthday, but I think that is ok. Nobody is perfect right? Plus everyone understands a little cake around your birthday is ok! I still felt bad about it though.

I felt like a failure because it made me gain 5 pounds. The next week I worked out really hard and watched what I ate and lost it along with 2 more pounds. The only thing you can do after eating more than you should is to get right back at clean eating and burn some extra calories getting some heavier exercises in. I’ve read that eating a cheat meal once a month will help keep your body guessing. They say that eating a cheat meal after a long period period of clean eating will kick your metabolism into gear and it burns at a higher rate. I did lose 7 pounds the next week. That could also be because my body was retaining water due to the higher carb and sugar intake from the drinking and cake and brownies. So my body swelled and when it lost that, my weight went back down again. I am not a huge fan of cheat meals. I am the type of person that doesn’t like to allow myself to have things that I am tempted by as a “treat” for working hard. I give in too easily after that. It’ll become “well I did do a heavy workout today….” I will start to do that weekly and then I will plateau.

Another thing that happens when I start to eat unhealthy things and shock my system is my Multiple Sclerosis flares up. When it flares up, I get what is called the MS Hug. What happens is there is a pain throughout your lower ribs and around your back. Almost like someone is squeezing you too hard during a hug. Clean eating and exercise is the best medicine for MS. I read that the paleo diet is actually best for MS. I tried to switch to that for awhile, but it was hard to follow so I just try to eat cleanly. This week my MS decided to flare up too. Although it sucks, it gave me the idea to write a blog about it. I have written blogs before on my MS, but they are not on here. So I will write a fresh one with a lot of information on fitness and healthy eating that helps keep people with MS without as many flare-ups.

In my work’s weight loss contest, I am no where near the winning spot, but I have heard that many are doing extreme dieting methods to lose weight. While I would love to win this contest, I am not willing to put my health at risk to do so. I already deal with a dysfunctional body as it is. Why make it worse? I am just going to use it as a motivational tool. I know that, in the end, I will be healthy and feel good about what I did. My goal for the end of the contest (October 31st) is to be under 200 lbs. 

Fingers Crossed!

So I gained 5 pounds in a weekend… Here’s How…..

So this week is my birthday, and I decided that I would take the weekend off to celebrate. I didn’t exercise, I ate brownies and fast food, and I drank all night on Saturday. That in a nutshell caused me to gain 5 pounds. I shocked my system and my body retaliated with bloat and extra pounds. Well played body, well played….

Alcoholism runs in my family. My brother and my aunt were alcoholics. My brother still is, and my aunt passed away from that and drugs. My grandparents on my mother’s side were also alcoholics. I never reacted well to alcohol. I am an extreme light weight. It doesn’t take much to make me puke. For example, 4 solo cups of wine on Saturday had me in the bathroom all night and the next day. It was over several hours. I didn’t drink them extremely fast either. I hadn’t drank in a few months so my tolerance was quite low as well. I usually only drink in social situations. I may have a glass of wine here and there if I feel stressed out. I usually just smoke weed.

So Saturday night had me so sick that I have decided to just quit drinking altogether. It will help my weight loss as well as my overall health. Alcohol affects your body in so many negative ways.

Ray Audette, author of the NeanderThin Diet:

“Don’t Drink Alcohol[.] It is best not to consume alcohol in any amount from any source. Alcohol is a by-product of yeast digestion (the yeast equivalent of urine) and is known to damage the stomach, kidneys, and liver. Alcohol adds fat principally by producing cravings for both it and other carbohydrates (see snack trays at any bar) and even other addictive substances (ask any former smoker.) It is almost impossible to drink alcohol and follow the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. If you must drink, do so only on special occasions (once or twice a year) and stick to alcohols derived from fruit (wine and champagne.)”

I am not saying that cutting out alcohol will correct that 5 pounds I gained. I also let myself eat some terrible things as well. I went completely off track for a couple days, because I felt the need to celebrate my birthday that way. Next time I will do a little better. I will find a healthier way to splurge. Alcohol has so many empty calories. You can consume over 1000 empty calories in 5 or more drinks. Not only are you consuming extra calories, but extra carbs that lead to extra pounds. Beer contains more carbohydrates and less alcohol than wine, but is seen as being more fattening, due to its higher energy content. Alcohol can loosen your inhibitions which leads to you being less determined to eat the right kinds of foods. Which is how you end up in the Arby’s drive-through at 4 am ordering a french dip sub because it sounded amazing and you convinced yourself that it was your birthday and this was your celebratory roastie with meat juice (yes those were my thoughts. Don’t judge me.). I didn’t even get to eat it until the next day at 4 pm because I was so sick and made the husband reheat it not once but twice and it was gross by the time I got to savor my celebratory meal….

Not only is alcohol bad for your weight loss, but your organs in general. It affects the lining of the stomach and it will gradually weaken the kidneys and liver. This will  lead to serious health problems and even death if allowed to worsen. When the stomach is allowed to  weaken, it will lessen the rate and efficiency at which food is digested.  This interferes with a healthy metabolism and prevents any weight loss. The liver is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy body composition. The liver processes out toxins from the body. Alcohol is most destructive to the liver’s detoxification process. Alcohol lowers testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a powerful fat burner in the body. It also contributes to lean muscle gains. Less muscle gains means a lower metabolic rate as well. Less muscle means more fat will be stored, because it won’t be burned off.

If you must drink alcohol you can use these 5 tips from Bodybuilding.com:

  1. Drink alcohol with a lower caloric value, and a higher alcohol percentage (like wine for example). Less will be consumed, meaning lower overall calorie consumption.
  2. Avoid high-calorie liqueurs. These are extremely deceptive (they taste so good) and will add enormously to overall caloric content.
  3. Keep healthy food on hand when drinking. As mentioned, drinking will relax the inhibitions and cause one to compromise their nutritional habits.
  4. If drinking beer, try a lower calorie alternative. Also, drink diet sodas with various spirits to significantly lower the calorie content of these drinks.
  5. Drink water between alcoholic drinks. This will increase feelings of fullness and may help to prevent over consumption of alcohol.

I won’t be using the guidelines, but I wanted to share them because there are adults who still want to drink while they lose weight. I am going to leave you guys here. I just wanted to share this about alcohol. Most people don’t realize how much of an effect it can have on the body. The term “beer gut” is really a thing.

Drink Responsibly and Stay Healthy!