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Angela Got A New Job


we discuss Angela’s new job and Erik gets distracted easily. 

What’s Up w/ Us


We do a catch up on what we have been doing and our lives. Nanowrimo to new jobs… Holiday season is always so damned busy.

Problems with Getting Older


The effects of age are a pain in the butt. Angela and Erik discuss the issues with getting older, and the problems with young people. Erik dislikes answering questions for some reason. 

FEARS!!!! audio link & TV show versions


It’s just Angela and Erik today talking about their fears. Birds, Spiders, Erik’s beauty making him a prime target for kidnapping. You know the normal things.


Catching Up w/ Erik & Angela


Angela and I recap what has been going on with us lately. Erik found his spirit animal and got laxative dosed at a taco bell drive thru. Angela talks about new jobs and weight loss. We also talk about going ghost hunting. 

How to Become a Body Piercing Apprentice


Logan joins us today to give advice on how to become a piercing apprentice. From transportation to persistence we hit the best tips. We also discuss the parts of being a piercer you need to keep in mind before making the jump.

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She is a sexually adventurous, married ethical slut. He is a sexually humorous, irritable dirt bag. She is a swinger. He is a prude. A unique polyamorous couple who enjoy conversations about sex, life, and living a life less ordinary.

They are joined by an eclectic roster of guest hosts that live life outside the lines. Each guest host brings their thoughts, humor & opinions to the table.
Logan in his own words: “I’m a jackass of all trades and master of none.Dad, musician, body piercer, and so much more!”