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Are Cheat Meals a thing?


So much eye candy in these pictures….

When I started losing weight, I used to do a cheat meal pretty regularly. I have heard varying opinions about cheat meals. I have always thought they were a myth up until recently. I don’t like to do cheat meals once a week now. I do them about once a month to kind of have that as a celebration of all the work I did that month. Makes me feel more empowered to work harder & longer. If I give myself cheat meals more regularly, I am apt to cave easily. 


The frequency of your cheat meal is completely up to you. Make sure the cheat meal is just a meal. Don’t turn it into an entire day. I always like to have my cheat meals on days that I did a lot of cardio. You burn more calories doing cardio and you’re more likely to burn off most of the extra calories and fat you consumed. When you’re on a weight loss diet, you should consume fewer calories than your Total Energy Expenditure. Overtime, though, your body will grow used to eating less and then adjust accordingly, which can lead to a plateau. A cheat meal high in calories and carbohydrates can actually assist in revving up your metabolism and regulating the leptin and grehlin hormones. This encourages the body to keep burning calories rather than adjusting to this lower intake.


Now a cheat meal is something you are doing to reward yourself, but you still need to keep it pretty healthy. The ingredients in your meals should still be fairly healthy. Use healthy fats and less processed food. If you go with packaged foods, go with ones that have the least amount of ingredients on the package. It is recommended that you cook them from scratch so you know exactly what the ingredients are. It has been proven that people who cook their own food from scratch, tend to be healthier, because the food has more natural ingredients. One of the first things I did when I started losing weight, was to look for the healthy versions of my favorite meals. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to derail your weight loss by eating 3000 calories in a meal. Most people think it’s just a free pass to eat the worst food and binge in a meal. You’re only trying to jump start your metabolism, not gain 5 unhealthy pounds in a meal. If you know that a cheat meal could just lead to a cheat day, then take measures to prevent it from doing that. 

The day before as well as the day after a cheat meal, I like to make sure my eating is extremely healthy and clean. I like to make sure I do more cardio and drink a ton of water. I also never do a cheat meal right before my weigh in days. You tend to weigh more the next day due to your body swelling with the additional carbs. This is why you drink more water to counteract the swelling and make it go away faster. 

In the end, cheat meals can be extremely useful when they are done properly. You have to plan them out just like you do your healthy lifestyle. Cheat meals are part of your healthy lifestyle. They are a tool to aid in your weight loss when used properly. I hope this helps!

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The Concert Curse

I never started going to shows until probably 2009. I went to a few here and there if they didn’t require me to leave town. It wasn’t until I had been to at least a dozen or so that i realized I was cursed.
I went to Kings of Leon with my ex, who for all intents and purposes is about 60% responsible for my current musical tastes. But, about 90% responsible for my concert experiences. We went to see them, and it was great. So much so, in fact, we went the next year and took a couple of our friends. Another great time, I even photo-bombed a girl taking photos with Taco Bell mascots.

Photo-Bombing Responsibly

The next year however, the band didn’t tour through Indiana. they didn’t again for 3-4 years. I was disappointed, but I dealt with it. Bands need time to record new music so I can listen to it while drunk in a field. I understand.
Then, I saw Wild Beasts (another favorite) at Lollapalooza. It was great. I stood propped against a rail in the front row for hours and loved it. A few years later we were standing in another Wild Beast music festival performance. This time Coachella, frying our asses off. It was even better. It sounded like deviant choral music.

Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts is a UK band, so catching them on tour was a bit difficult. I even had a discussion one night at the campsite with a drunken Irish guy about how amazing they were and how difficult it was to see them live.
So, imagine my disappointment when I found out the band was dis-banding in 2017. I then thought back to other acts I had seen over the years. I had joked before that I must be cursed. Each time I found a band I truly wanted to see live more than once some form of Fate intervened.

Keyboardist from Foxy Shazam

The quick list is as follows: Killswitch Engage (singer left, replaced by previous singer), Foxy Shazam (no idea just haven’t seen them touring nearby), Beats Antique, The XX, Black Keys, and I am sure there are more.
I am afraid to get too excited about following bands now. I don’t want to bear the burden of them breaking up, or dying mid-flight with Ritchie Valens & Big Bopper.

Is it a curse? Or maybe the bands are Ghosting me?

They don’t want some out-of-place mid-life crisis mulatto with aching joints front and center while they try to whip the crowd into a frenzy.

Drunk Music, Sex Playlists & Operation Hashtag Red

What are your sad drunk songs? What are your most embarrassing music tastes? When you make a sex playlist do you include foreplay music? Is Drake the Nickleback of rap? Then we discuss Operation Hashtag Red and what it is exactly, and how it may end unsolicited pics from guys FOREVER. We are joined in the first segment by our guest hosts Dan & Kate.

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