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Introducing Shaun! Season 2 Premiere


Our first episode of season two is introducing Shaun, our newest guest host. Join us for our inquisition of Shaun and feel free to send us your questions.

Angela Got A New Job


we discuss Angela’s new job and Erik gets distracted easily. 

What’s Up w/ Us


We do a catch up on what we have been doing and our lives. Nanowrimo to new jobs… Holiday season is always so damned busy.

Logan’s Leaving LEAVING*Special Episode*


Logan our friend and guest host is leaving the amazing state of Indiana for boring old Florida, but for the greatest of reasons. We had him on for a show before he moves, and we talk about Florida, theme parks, mythical cultural appropriation, word games Erik plays to amuse himself. We are joined by Em, our friend from our previous poetry episode 

Talking Poetry w/ Em


We return after a hiatus with our guest, Em, a poet. We discuss inspiration, theme, and some of the difficulty finding a poetry community. Em puts up with our digressions and shares two of her works with us. If poetry is something you write, or have an interest in join us. 

Dating Disasters


We discuss dating disasters we have dealt with in our not so stellar dating history. 


Problems with Getting Older


The effects of age are a pain in the butt. Angela and Erik discuss the issues with getting older, and the problems with young people. Erik dislikes answering questions for some reason.