End of October and Weight Loss Competition Results


Starting weight: 220 on 8/1. Ending weight: 198 on 10/31. 22 pounds in 3 months!

The only bad news is I was not in the top 3 for the competition. I was number 6. Which I am not mad about. I didn’t get any money though which would have been nice. I also didn’t have a ton of weight to lose so I pretty much figured I wouldn’t win, but the possibility showed itself so I decided to try for it anyway. I am going to keep going after this because these are only the beginning of what I would like to accomplish. I am really liking the way my body is shaping up and excited to see what I can accomplish.

I have been working a crazy schedule lately and it is finally starting to slow down after this week. I will have more time during the day to get my workouts in and be able to continue where I want to go. I may lose a few more pounds then work on the bodybuilding idea I had. I haven’t started that because I have 2 jobs now and with Halloween and stuff, I had no time. Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t super huge in our house so I can finally focus on what I need to do. I also have a burlesque show this week that I was getting ready for. After that show, I will have my mornings open for what I want to get done in the gym again.

I am getting to the point of having to do a new workout program again so I need ideas! Let me know if you have any favorite programs! If you have good bodybuilding programs, that would be awesome too!

Thanks for being with me on this wild and crazy journey!


*Fit Bitch in Training*


2 thoughts on “End of October and Weight Loss Competition Results

  1. Looking good!!! It gets easier making yourself a priority. The results are speaking for themselves. All that hard work is showing in that curvaceous body you got going on. Love it

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