Month of August Results


8.6 lbs and 6.3 inches lost!!

I will start out by saying that I am super proud of myself! I lost the most inches in my belly which you can clearly see in the picture. That is the area that I really wanted to lose the weight in. I did that in a month with mostly clean eating and exercising. All of my clothes fit really well. I worked out today in a shirt that used to be tight on me and is now really loose. I had a couple slip ups around my birthday, but I think that is ok. Nobody is perfect right? Plus everyone understands a little cake around your birthday is ok! I still felt bad about it though.

I felt like a failure because it made me gain 5 pounds. The next week I worked out really hard and watched what I ate and lost it along with 2 more pounds. The only thing you can do after eating more than you should is to get right back at clean eating and burn some extra calories getting some heavier exercises in. I’ve read that eating a cheat meal once a month will help keep your body guessing. They say that eating a cheat meal after a long period period of clean eating will kick your metabolism into gear and it burns at a higher rate. I did lose 7 pounds the next week. That could also be because my body was retaining water due to the higher carb and sugar intake from the drinking and cake and brownies. So my body swelled and when it lost that, my weight went back down again. I am not a huge fan of cheat meals. I am the type of person that doesn’t like to allow myself to have things that I am tempted by as a “treat” for working hard. I give in too easily after that. It’ll become “well I did do a heavy workout today….” I will start to do that weekly and then I will plateau.

Another thing that happens when I start to eat unhealthy things and shock my system is my Multiple Sclerosis flares up. When it flares up, I get what is called the MS Hug. What happens is there is a pain throughout your lower ribs and around your back. Almost like someone is squeezing you too hard during a hug. Clean eating and exercise is the best medicine for MS. I read that the paleo diet is actually best for MS. I tried to switch to that for awhile, but it was hard to follow so I just try to eat cleanly. This week my MS decided to flare up too. Although it sucks, it gave me the idea to write a blog about it. I have written blogs before on my MS, but they are not on here. So I will write a fresh one with a lot of information on fitness and healthy eating that helps keep people with MS without as many flare-ups.

In my work’s weight loss contest, I am no where near the winning spot, but I have heard that many are doing extreme dieting methods to lose weight. While I would love to win this contest, I am not willing to put my health at risk to do so. I already deal with a dysfunctional body as it is. Why make it worse? I am just going to use it as a motivational tool. I know that, in the end, I will be healthy and feel good about what I did. My goal for the end of the contest (October 31st) is to be under 200 lbs. 

Fingers Crossed!


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