So I gained 5 pounds in a weekend… Here’s How…..

So this week is my birthday, and I decided that I would take the weekend off to celebrate. I didn’t exercise, I ate brownies and fast food, and I drank all night on Saturday. That in a nutshell caused me to gain 5 pounds. I shocked my system and my body retaliated with bloat and extra pounds. Well played body, well played….

Alcoholism runs in my family. My brother and my aunt were alcoholics. My brother still is, and my aunt passed away from that and drugs. My grandparents on my mother’s side were also alcoholics. I never reacted well to alcohol. I am an extreme light weight. It doesn’t take much to make me puke. For example, 4 solo cups of wine on Saturday had me in the bathroom all night and the next day. It was over several hours. I didn’t drink them extremely fast either. I hadn’t drank in a few months so my tolerance was quite low as well. I usually only drink in social situations. I may have a glass of wine here and there if I feel stressed out. I usually just smoke weed.

So Saturday night had me so sick that I have decided to just quit drinking altogether. It will help my weight loss as well as my overall health. Alcohol affects your body in so many negative ways.

Ray Audette, author of the NeanderThin Diet:

“Don’t Drink Alcohol[.] It is best not to consume alcohol in any amount from any source. Alcohol is a by-product of yeast digestion (the yeast equivalent of urine) and is known to damage the stomach, kidneys, and liver. Alcohol adds fat principally by producing cravings for both it and other carbohydrates (see snack trays at any bar) and even other addictive substances (ask any former smoker.) It is almost impossible to drink alcohol and follow the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. If you must drink, do so only on special occasions (once or twice a year) and stick to alcohols derived from fruit (wine and champagne.)”

I am not saying that cutting out alcohol will correct that 5 pounds I gained. I also let myself eat some terrible things as well. I went completely off track for a couple days, because I felt the need to celebrate my birthday that way. Next time I will do a little better. I will find a healthier way to splurge. Alcohol has so many empty calories. You can consume over 1000 empty calories in 5 or more drinks. Not only are you consuming extra calories, but extra carbs that lead to extra pounds. Beer contains more carbohydrates and less alcohol than wine, but is seen as being more fattening, due to its higher energy content. Alcohol can loosen your inhibitions which leads to you being less determined to eat the right kinds of foods. Which is how you end up in the Arby’s drive-through at 4 am ordering a french dip sub because it sounded amazing and you convinced yourself that it was your birthday and this was your celebratory roastie with meat juice (yes those were my thoughts. Don’t judge me.). I didn’t even get to eat it until the next day at 4 pm because I was so sick and made the husband reheat it not once but twice and it was gross by the time I got to savor my celebratory meal….

Not only is alcohol bad for your weight loss, but your organs in general. It affects the lining of the stomach and it will gradually weaken the kidneys and liver. This will  lead to serious health problems and even death if allowed to worsen. When the stomach is allowed to  weaken, it will lessen the rate and efficiency at which food is digested.  This interferes with a healthy metabolism and prevents any weight loss. The liver is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy body composition. The liver processes out toxins from the body. Alcohol is most destructive to the liver’s detoxification process. Alcohol lowers testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a powerful fat burner in the body. It also contributes to lean muscle gains. Less muscle gains means a lower metabolic rate as well. Less muscle means more fat will be stored, because it won’t be burned off.

If you must drink alcohol you can use these 5 tips from

  1. Drink alcohol with a lower caloric value, and a higher alcohol percentage (like wine for example). Less will be consumed, meaning lower overall calorie consumption.
  2. Avoid high-calorie liqueurs. These are extremely deceptive (they taste so good) and will add enormously to overall caloric content.
  3. Keep healthy food on hand when drinking. As mentioned, drinking will relax the inhibitions and cause one to compromise their nutritional habits.
  4. If drinking beer, try a lower calorie alternative. Also, drink diet sodas with various spirits to significantly lower the calorie content of these drinks.
  5. Drink water between alcoholic drinks. This will increase feelings of fullness and may help to prevent over consumption of alcohol.

I won’t be using the guidelines, but I wanted to share them because there are adults who still want to drink while they lose weight. I am going to leave you guys here. I just wanted to share this about alcohol. Most people don’t realize how much of an effect it can have on the body. The term “beer gut” is really a thing.

Drink Responsibly and Stay Healthy!




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