Aural Fixation: Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock, what can I say? He is awesome!

There are certain rap artists who bring a feeling of the streets & city with them to their music. The best way I heard Aesop Rock’s music described was, “It is like the musical version of graffiti… with a lot of fragments making a much bigger picture.” I have to agree.
There is the moment where you realize you are just bobbing your head and you catch bits of some of the best word play in Rap. Then you have to re-listen just to hear what he is saying. A similar experience I noticed listening to other top lyricists.

For example, put on Kirby, just let it play. Then listen to the lyrics second time through. The fact he can make an amazing track solely about a kitten makes him worth the listen.

His tracks are musically minimalist, but well done. It serves his verses better and allows them to take center stage. Even his track None Shall Pass is seemingly one of the more produced tracks, but is still minimal compared to it’s more mainstream counterparts.

Aesop Rock is good in the way truly great artists are, they exceed the expectations of their genre and are accessible regardless of your musical tastes.


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