Fit B**ch: Work Weight Loss Challenge


These are my starting photos. I can’t believe I am actually posting these. I feel like posting them will put the fire in my ass to get into gear and lose the weight I gained back. My starting weight was 220. I was super proud because that was 1.3 lbs from Monday. I have already started eating clean and making sure I get my workouts in. I am 60 pounds over what I was before. I had lost 150 lbs before that. I can’t believe I let myself gain it back again.

So, my work is putting this weight loss challenge on. Everyone pays ten dollars to do it. The 3 top losers will get 70, 20, and 10 percent of that money. Over 50 people are in this thing so that’s a nice chunk of change to lose weight for. I am entering to see if I can lose a bunch of weight and jumpstart my weight loss again. The contest is going to October 31st. I am hoping to lose maybe 20 pounds. I really don’t have plans to win, but it would be nice.

Today was the start of the contest. An email was sent out yesterday that irritated me. The email stated that the Wednesday catered lunch was a pizza food truck. Then they stated that everyone would weigh in after lunch. The reason this irritated me was because people were going to binge on pizza as their “last indulgence” and therefore weigh in heavier just to have an advantage. You are supposed to weigh yourself in the am when you wake up, because you will have fasted and it shows your true weight. So I asked if I could weigh myself in the am as I had no intentions on eating pizza and garlic knots. As much as they smelled amazing, I really want to lose this weight. I am not comfortable with my body. The final weigh in will be in the morning. So you’re weighing people at their fattest in the beginning and then their lightest at the end? Great. This contest is already looking like people are going to just crash diet.

I was hoping the point of the challenge would be to teach people how to lose weight properly. The pizza incident just reminded me too much of Planet Fitness and their pizza/bagel days. Why provide such extremely unhealthy choices when people are there to get healthy? Everyone was confused as to why this upset me. This is teaching people to crash diet to win, then they will just gain it back by Christmas, because they aren’t dieting anymore. There isn’t anything to teach people how to start a weight loss journey properly. I try to impart some of my wisdom on my cubicle mate, but I am pretty sure my advice falls on deaf ears most of the time. She’s young and thinks she knows better than anyone. She told me today that she’s young and she can lose weight much faster than me because of that. Like thanks for calling me old!

I want to go into crash diets for a minute. Crash diets are diets that people do to lose weight quick. They aren’t healthy at all.¬†They may be a liquid fast, eating very low calories, not eating in combination with large amounts of exercise, etc. It can actually damage your body and any weight lost will be regained. Your body goes into starvation mode. After awhile you stop losing weight and your body stores everything you put in it to protect itself from starving. You can actually make it harder on yourself to lose weight later, because your metabolism is severely affected and slowed.

I am hoping to keep an eye out for anyone crash dieting so I can try to maybe help them out of that mind frame. It took me a long time to lose the weight and I didn’t stick to my healthy lifestyle like I should have. I am making a promise to myself to stick with it this time. I will be using this blog to keep me in check with it. I want to lose the weight and maintain it. If anyone wants to start a healthy lifestyle challenge with me, let me know. We can keep each other motivated to succeed! 160 lbs is my end goal. My first goal is to be under 200 lbs by the end of the challenge. I will be posting updates as I go along. Wish me luck!




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