Women & Strength Training

One of the things I love to do the most is lifting. Lifting has never been very popular among women. Women tend to be more apt to do cardio rather than lifting weights. I am still surprised when I hear women say that they don’t want to look bulky (because they were lifting instead of slimming down with cardio). Strength training and circuit training are the best exercises you can do to tone and lose weight.

I will say that I tend to look a bit like a football player when I start lifting, because that is how my body tones up. I have very broad shoulders and bigger hips and thighs normally. I mentioned in a previous blog about how I hate how my quads hang over my knees causing me to look like I have no knees.

Your body type is your body type.

Lifting will not make you look bulky unless you are taking major supplements that cause bulking up. Only people who are competing in bodybuilding competitions do that. As a person who is eating a balanced diet, strength training, and doing cardio, you will slim down and tone up.

If you want to do more slimming and tightening, do less weight with more reps. If you want bigger muscles, do more weight with less reps. What also helps with slimming down is adding longer cardio periods in. I tend to do a strength training workout with a short cardio level and then adding more cardio in or just devoting 1 or 2 days to doing just cardio. This also gives your body more time to recover in between your strength training days.

Rest days are becoming extremely popular.

I have read conflicting views on whether we should be doing them. I have literally worked out everyday for the past couple months. I have made sure to get at least 20 minutes of activity in per day. I work different muscle groups for 5 days and then have 2 days devoted to just cardio. I add in more cardio at least 3 days of the 5 days to make sure I can slim down more than bulk up. I find that if I skip workouts, I am less likely to be motivated to get back at it after the so-called “rest days”.

There are also women who only strength train certain muscle groups to get the body shape that they want. For example, crunches to get a flatter stomach. Only working triceps to get rid of the wings that tend to hang from your upper arms when you wave. In order to achieve the results you want, you need to work the entire body. There’s no specific food to eat to flatten your stomach either. However, there are foods that can help accelerate your results.

Don’t be afraid to use supplementation!

Yes, I said earlier that to bulk up, you need to be on supplements to help enable bulking. Supplements are used for all kinds of weight loss and strength training. They help to maximize fat burning in the body, regulate energy levels and expenditure, and build muscle. Supplements are used to help boost your weight loss. They are not there to take place of exercise or healthy eating. It drives me nuts when I see companies boasting about how you can eat all the unhealthy foods as long as you just take this pill beforehand. There’s no magical supplement that takes place of a healthy diet and workout regimen.

Do you even lift? I do!

I think it helps me relieve a lot of stress from my work day. It definitely improves my mood and how strong I feel. I feel like I can conquer anything when I am done. I don’t lift heavy either. I don’t go over 60 pounds usually, but it feels really good to see my app tell me how much weight I lifted when the workout is complete. Even if you don’t believe me, just try a bodybuilding app for a month. Do easier exercises that are more reps with lower weight. See how It feels as well as how toned you will look at the end of that month. I am pretty sure you won’t regret all the compliments you get!




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