Aural Fixation: Run the Jewels


Run the Jewels is a hip hop duo made up of Killer Mike & El-P.

They have 3 studio albums, plus the remix album Meow the Jewels, which are remixed versions of songs from their studio albums with music made mainly by feline sound effects (I included one on the playlist just to prove that even though it sounds silly it is amazing).

I was introduced to RTJ through their video for Oh Mama, which was a Rick & Morty short. I listened once and it was over for me. I could not stop playing the song. Then I had to figure out if I enjoyed the song that much or if I enjoyed Rick & Morty that much. The answer was both.

Run the Jewels are serious lyricists and don’t suffer from the repetitive mumbling seen quite a bit in today’s rap music. The music isn’t one-dimensional either. They have as many levels as any other genre’s songs. I find that people enjoy RTJ even if Rap & Hip Hop aren’t their musical home base. Plus they seem like they are having fun.

I would tell you the things I dislike about them, but I honestly don’t have any tracks I dislike. Even with the Meow the Jewels remixes, which may not be your cup of tea, RTJ prove just how good they are when you start bobbing your head to the duo’s verses while cats are yowling in the background.

If you follow a Run the Jewels Youtube rabbit hole you will encounter Killer Mike interviews about activism, hanging with Bernie Sanders, and social issues. Even if you aren’t on the same political page as Killer Mike, you will find yourself wanting to hang out with him.

Enjoy the music & Let me know what you think


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