Getting Started on Weight Loss

One of the biggest pitfalls when people start a weight loss journey is being unprepared. There’s no research done as to what you should do to accomplish the goals you have in mind. Fad diets became huge because of this. They touted all the things that people wanted to hear. They were supposed to be the quick and effortless way to lose weight without work or even exercise. Sadly, fad diets are only for short-term weight loss and once they are over, you will gain it back if you don’t workout or eat healthy.

One thing that fad diets do is teach that it’s ok to cut things completely out of your eating. These things are: sugar,fats, carbs, etc.

While cutting down on the terrible things that are causing you to gain weight is good. Eating cleanly will be the best thing you can do. However, your body does need sugar, fats, and carbs to work properly. It is just the amount of them that you eat that matters. You cannot just cut them out completely.

Along the same lines going vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, etc. can be healthy when done properly. If you don’t, your body will lack essential nutrients needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This is where proper research is needed. Speaking with a medical professional on these topics can prove to be pretty helpful. Online research is great resource too, particularly if you are taking advice from trusted sources.

Eating healthy should be number one on your weight loss journey priority list.

Exercise is, of course, number two. 

Exercise is extremely important on your weight loss journey. You can eat healthy and not exercise, but you will eventually plateau. Any time you choose healthy optionsinstead of unhealthy ones your body is used to, you will lose weight. Keep in mind, exercise helps to keep you in shape & strong. If you didn’t do any exercise while losing weight, you would end up looking like Fat Bastard on Austin Powers at the end of the Goldmember when he was all skin from losing weight. Your body won’t tone up that extra skin you had where the fat once was. So, you’re left with a lot of loose skin.

Also, exercise not only helps you lose weight, but it also helps you maintain lower stress levels, it aids in disease prevention, managing symptoms of preexisting conditions, improved memory & energy levels, as well as an improved mood. I know that exercise and healthy eating help me with managing my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. I also suffer from seasonal depression and a good workout makes me feel much better even on bad days. I have noticed my MS stays in remission while I maintain a healthy lifestyle.

No matter how you eat healthy, you will need to meal prep.

Meal prepping can be done many ways. It is one thing you can do so you don’t have to stress about what you’re going to eat when you are too tired to cook. I actually never really did much of this. I did it this week and so far, it is a God send! Especially in the mornings when I get up and must pack my breakfast and lunch for the day along with my gym bag. At 5 am, wouldn’t it just be easier to reach into the fridge and grab the containers that are already to go?

Meal prepping can also be done fairly cheap. You really just need the food you want to eat for the week, and containers to store them in. Some people cook enough to freeze. I don’t go that far, but maybe one of these days that will be a possibility. There are so many awesome & healthy meal prepping pins and websites online that you can find. If you want to spend the money, there are lots of different containers you can get that cater to meal prepping. I just use Tupperware containers that I already own.

Take your initial weight AND measurements!

Lots of people who don’t have much weight to lose will see more loss in measurements rather than weight. Especially when you do a lot of strength training. You could’ve lost only a couple of pounds but have lost significant inches and find that your clothes fit better. Muscle can take the place of fat and you might not lose any weight, but you look skinnier anyway. Strength training combined with cardio helps the weight come off while toning. During that time, you will reach certain plateaus with weight, but your measurements should still continue going down (or up in case of muscle growth).

People often focus too much on weight and not their body. The recommended weights for height can be unattainable for some body types. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot get to those. Focus on how your body feels and find your own “perfect” weight instead.

Have multiple goals for your journey.

Don’t just make a huge goal like “I will lose 100 pounds!” Start with little goals that lead to the larger end goal. For example, make your first goal losing 10 or 20 pounds, then move on from there. Each time you achieve those goals, set new goals. This makes it much easier to stay motivated and focused. Like anything in life, you don’t want to set unattainable goals, because you will just quit out of frustration. It will be too hard to achieve. If you’re achieving smaller goals along the way, you’re going to want to continue, because you will be super proud of yourself for being awesome.

One of the most important things to remember is your attitude is everything.

Being positive and focusing on positives will keep you motivated. If you are constantly focusing on things you don’t like, you’re more likely to fall off the wagon. Eating unhealthy foods tastes great, and is easier on your pocketbook, but definitely not good for your body. I admit, some vegetables don’t always taste good (unless they are deep-fried), but you must find ways you enjoy them that don’t involve a ton of grease and fat. Using olive oil and roasting them will make them taste almost like they were deep-fried.

Being positive and proactive can help curb your negative attitude towards the “not so fun” things that are part of the journey. A lot of weight loss is dealing with the way you relate to food and feel about your body. Once you make the switch to a more positive frame of mind, you’ll quickly adapt to a healthier lifestyle. When you adapt to a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to maintain it. There are things that I will not eat or drink anymore. I don’t miss them either. Even if I do eat them, it’s usually in very small amounts and I don’t enjoy them.
In the end, you just want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to succeed in your weight loss journey. You may not need all these tips, but they are essential. Having a plan is the best way to start any project. If you just copy someone else’s plans or don’t do any research, you are much less likely to achieve anything worthwhile. A healthy lifestyle takes time and effort. It can take years to get to the weight you want to be at. Be sure you do it in the best way possible!




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