Aural Fixation: Editors


Editors are an English rock band. They have two platinum studio albums, for a total of 6 albums currently. Lead singer Tom Smith’s vocal style has been compared to that of post-punk singers such as Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Paul Banks (Interpol), Robert Smith (The Cure) and Michael Stipe (R.E.M.). Which probably explains why I enjoy his vocals so much.
His vocal range is baritone, but he uses falsetto to reach higher notes. In 2014, the Daily Mirror published a list of singers with the largest vocal ranges in the UK. With his vocal range of 4.75 octaves, Smith topped the list, beating singers like Elton John, Robert Plant &Freddie Mercury.
The thing I enjoy about Editors is the fact that no matter the song you can feel an underlying power to both their vocals and music. Lyrically, they are clear and concise, but there are slight turns of phrase that I find myself drawn to on nearly all of their tracks (Munich & Honesty, come to mind here).
The staying power behind Editors I believe is they continue to evolve as a band while still staying true to their original sound & style. Another reason for their staying power that I hesitate to mention, from a fear of turning people away from them, is the fact that they aren’t flashy. Meaning they aren’t the typically over produced pop sound you find with many bands now. They aren’t making music just for hooks or sound bytes. They do tend to lean more towards a moody feel, but have some surprising up beat tracks (Magazine).
For audiophiles that like nuance and solid music back lists I recommend them highly. For those of you who are just a bit curious I guarantee you will find something you enjoy.


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