Aural Fixation: Misun

Misun are a three-piece band from Washington DC, United States. Their style consists of a mix of funk, soul, dance, and 60’s inspired rock. The band is named after their singer Misun Wojcik.

I can’t really remember when I came across this band. My endless hours of daily YouTube rabbit holes finally forced the algorithm to put Misun on my suggested playlist. I am delighted to say that this time it was a success.

The songs have a dreamy, wavy vibe that take the somewhat melancholy lyrics and make them amazing. There are not many musicians who can make you bob your head to bittersweet.

I am a bit disappointed to say that post 2016 I did not see any news on the band. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the band, just an extensive hiatus.

The 2016 single, June, shows a faster tempo than their previous songs which a nice addition to your Misun arsenal.

Their album, Superstitions, is great for road trips, hanging out, or just good old-fashioned listening enjoyment.



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