A Thing Happened… drink edition

So, a thing happened…I was out drinking the other night. I had downed enough beer from a mason jar that I somehow instinctively knew that I was a professional craft beers-man. Remember, every time someone drinks from a mason jar a hipster gets a bow tie.

What I mean is this….

I was drunk enough to drop 5 bucks on something in a cute little can. I drunkenly slurred the words Cider and Peach. I avoided a double IPA that was offered. Instead, I opted for a Ballast Point’s Tart Peach Kölsch. A drink described as a German-style Pale ale with a juicy, ripe peach flavor over a crisp Kölsch body.
I glanced around the bar to make sure everyone noticed my amazing taste. Then I took a sip. My mouth puckered tighter than a frog’s ass. It was sour, which I love. Except it lacked sweetness you normally get with sour. It made me more angry with each sip. The peach taste was good. It didn’t taste artificial and in no way overly sweet.
I sat there pretending to focus on a conversation with an old friend as Tart Peach violated my mouth. I am not saying it was bad, not at all. The taste profile was very accurate. My only complaint was it lacked something.
Alone I was not a fan, but you could drunkenly mix this with a shot of peach liqueur and be golden. Hell, you could do modified snake bites with sugar. That being said if you enjoy dry ciders or even hoppy brews I think Ballast Point’s Tart Peach Kölsch is in your wheel house. It boasts a 5.2% alcohol by volume and a bitterness of 20 IBUS.

It has a limited availability, so try it out soon and tell me I am a basic beer bitch.



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