Who We Are

She is a sexually adventurous, married ethical slut.

He is an occasionally humorous, irritable old man.

She is a swinger. He is a prude.

A unique polyamorous couple who enjoy conversations about sex, life, and living a life less ordinary.

Together they make Drunk N Deviant, a podcast & website dedicated to all life’s delightful deviance.

They enjoy inviting a variety of guests to discuss subjects such as: Cosplay, Dating Disasters, Current Events, BDSM, Music, Sex work, Fetishes, Random Life Stories, or what ever comes up.
Join them as they discuss & joke about the things most people dare to speak about.

Your Hosts


24 – 35 years old, married, in a polyamorous relationship with Erik.

A nerdy self-described “ethical slut”, she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. She’s very open-minded with a “don’t knock it until you try it” attitude. 

Hobbies: Making inappropriate innuendo, exploring the many aspects of relationships, and drinking fancy craft beer.

Her turn ons: It is a long ever evolving list, but includes sex, communication, and coffee.

Her turn offs: Anger, flakes, and gyros.


41, unmarried, in a polyamorous relationship with Angela.

Hobbies: Ranting about the little things, writing Apocalyptic books, and drinking cheap beer from mason jars

A self-described “sexual camel”, Erik rose from the ashes of celibacy like a moderately endowed phoenix. He is new to polyamory & the lifestyle. 

His turn ons: aggressive women, sarcasm & Reese’s.

His turn offs: anger, hand jobs, and flagrant lettuce on fast food.